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Moon Experiment 01

House paint on wood

This piece is purely about exploring color & texture interactions through a process I discovered. After honing this process, I decided I would do several pieces to explore its possibilities. This was the first successful piece from those explorations. The process involves laying down a base gradient and allowing it to fully dry. Once dry, I loop a particular series of events until I’m happy with the outcome: I apply a paint layer with specific motions, then I subject that layer to a special partial-drying process, then I selectively remove wet paint while keeping the dried paint. I loop that process until I’m happy with the result, fully drying in between each layer, perhaps occasionally sanding off material in between layers. I wanted to name this process and struggled to think of something until I remembered a friend once commenting how “the moon experiment” would be a good band name, so I just went with it: Moon Experiment 01.