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House paint, spray paint, soft pastel, watercolor, and aluminum flashing on canvas

Two things stand out to me about this painting. First, I usually like my paintings less and less as time goes on. This is one of the few pieces that I have grown to increasingly appreciate with time. My methods for creating the main grey background textures were techniques I have rarely utilized, and I still really like the outcome. It involved heating the surface of the dark base layer in the summer sun, then applying a high key wash to the hot surface. Where the wash did not pool (on high surfaces), it dried quickly. Where it did pool, I shortly thereafter rinsed it off with water, exposing the original dark underlayer, allowing the higher parts of the base texture to take on the lighter tones.

The second aspect of this painting that I still like relates to the big bright shapes. They don't reveal their true nature in this slide, as they were actually pieces of aluminum flashing that were painted and then affixed to the canvas. In the piece's final state, the large red shape actually came up off the canvas and curved toward the viewer by a couple centimeters. So the sculptural quality of the painting, not conveyed in the 2D slide, is the other reason I'm glad to keep this piece in my portfolio archives.