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February Heat

Encaustic, various paints on paper, and soft pastel on wood

This piece was on display as part of a group exhibition of encaustic pieces created on the theme "February Heat."

This piece was created to give the sense of heat "breaking through." I created a layer of fluorescent orange at the base of the piece so that when it was seen through the strips, it would seem to be a light being obscured. The browns in the piece draw upon the dead leaves and general earthy dullness of February (in South Carolina, USA). The few strips of color draw upon the encroaching spring colors.

This piece was almost exclusively created to overcome a challenge (I love process!). I went to an encaustic workshop about three months before completing this piece and was told there was really no archival way to incorporate painting into wax because they don't bond together. I immediately was drawn to finding a way to incorporate the two despite advice against it. After having learned that one can embed objects into wax (provided the surrounding wax is properly fused), I began to envision a piece created by embedding multiple layers of painted paper within the wax, harnessing the depth possibilities of wax to suit the "February Heat" theme and--hopefully--creating a harmonious aesthetic of encaustic and my painting style.