loading animation Mediterranean Meal, Stone Bridge

Mediterranean Meal, Stone Bridge

House paint, soft pastel on wood

Right now, I am working on a series of experiments that utilize a particular sequence of methods, and I'm calling those pieces Moon Experiments. This large piece was originally one of those, but my dialogue with the piece continued with additional successive layers to become something of its own.

As I considered titling the piece, I asked myself "what memory does this piece most capture for me?" I dwelt on its colors and atmosphere, and I found myself recalling something from my college years. It was a picnic on a blanket in the grass on a warm autumn day with low sun, long shadows, still-bright yellow light, tree shade, leaves beginning to turn their color, a small stone bridge over a creek beside us, and plenty of cheeses and fruits and finger food in front of us.

Can you think of a memory that the colors and atmosphere of this painting capture for you?